Carving a ham on the bone

In this short video, Farmer Guy teaches you how to properly carve a ham on the bone. Before you start, you'll need a long, thin carving knife (clean and sharp!).

Storing your Ham

It is possible to keep your ham for up to 3 weeks. It does not necessarily need to be kept in the fridge so long as you have a cool room or larder that is free from flies. It is ideal to freeze if you have a surplus. Slice it into manageable portions and place in freezer bags.

  1. Remove the Ham from the packaging and place on a plate. Put this in your larder or fridge. Make sure that cooked meat is above all raw meat so that it cannot have any contamination fall on it.
  2. Cover loosely with kitchen foil, cling film or clean tea cloth.
  3. Change the plate that the Ham is on every day and replace the cling film or kitchen foil, to stop a build up of moisture under the Ham.
  4. If you want to freeze some of the Ham it is best to slice it, then put it into freezer bags for portions. This way you can defrost small amounts when you need it rather than defrost the whole Ham.
  5. To defrost the Ham put it or the portion in the fridge and let it defrost slowly over night. Never put it into warm water to defrost it.

Recipe Ideas

We have published a range of Ham recipes recommended by Guy and other customers like you. If you have an idea for a recipe, please feel free to email it to Guy.